Belated Bunny Day

by Bella Rum

IMG_6196The Grand Trio will be here late tonight. They are coming after my son gets home from work. The kids sleep on the two-hour drive, and the parents wish they could.

I put their baskets together yesterday. We’ve seldom celebrated on the actual date of our holidays with them. Between the years with Dad and my son’s work, most of the time we’ve made adjustments.

My son’s wife grew up in another country and culture. Her holidays were different. It’s been fun to watch her warm to the way we celebrate our holidays. She knew very little about our traditions when she first joined our family. I think she found all the Christmastime gift-giving craziness a little off-putting, however it didn’t take long for her to adapt to the fun and whimsical parts of our holidays. I received an email yesterday reminding me about the egg hunt. She wanted to make sure there would be one, and if not, she would bring eggs.🙂 Funny how quickly traditions take hold.

We are also celebrating my oldest granddaughter’s birthday. Grandpa spent the afternoon assembling an engineering masterpiece, the ice castle that reigns supreme in Frozen, the latest Disney movie. She will love it.

So, big times around here this weekend. The weather is cooperating, and H’s yard looks like the product of round the clock professionals. I’ve never seen a prettier spring in the cul-de-sac. It makes you glad to be alive.